Old Cine Films of The Bebop Dustbins

These music videos were filmed using a state-of-the-art cine film camera: they are therefore very jerky, in soft focus and they have no sound, just like all the best cine films of the time - you'll have to imagine the audio bit, unless you've never heard the songs, in which case, go to Dave Cheesybits's site where you can listen to them and then come back here to enjoy the full splendour of the songs in video.

E Flat Ferocious Tin Can
[5.4 MB]

The Cycling Song (with audio)
[19.6 MB]

Vodka Hoover
[7.5 MB]

For those of you with old, slow computers and no broadband, there is a sneak animated gif preview below.

The Businessman
who came out of a cupboard
[878 KB]