What they wrote !


"Too often visionaries are outcasts in their own time"
{ Southern Arts Journal, 1985, Vol.3, No.7, p.43.}

"I've heard better things while working in the sewers"
{ Nige Drewson, Southern Water employee, on hearing the band for the first time. }

"I went to see The Bebop Dustbins at the Ponda Rosa and came out with a head-ache"
{ Kevin Dean, a friend. }

"I shagged for the first time at a Bebop Dustbins gig. It was thanks to them that I lost my virginity in the fields at Smallbrook. They got my boyfriend so turned on"
{ Sadie Wise. }

"A band of unusual breadth and talent, and who, unusually for a rock band, bring their militant protestant politics to bear through their music"
{I.W. Puritan Coalition, June 1985. }

"Uncomfortable listening for those of us who are Catholics"
{The Catholic Herald, Sept. 1985. }

"A binful of garbage"
{Bishop of Portsmouth. Aug. 1985. }

"Provocative. One of the rare gifts of this band is that they remind us that Popes and sex and propaganda have been mixing for a long time"
{ Geoff Day, of Falling and Laughing, in Wight Venues, May 1985. }

"This band are all about sexual denial. Cold, deliberate, controlled sexual repression in forms, places and positions that left this reviewer gasping at their ingenuity as well as at the sadness of their self-torment"
{ Steve Sheath in Frame, No.15. }

"The tortured self-control and self-discipline of Sexual Abstinence has found its screaming, tormented musical expression in The Bebop Dustbins"
{ The Portsmouth Musical Review, Sept. 1985.}

"Good to headbang to for those who usually fall over a lot"
{ Heavy metal fans from The Crown pub. }

"They are enough to make anyone who cares about music weep with frustration and despair"
{ John Lytle (Pumphouse Gang, Petit Amour}

"The most approachable and useful band on the Island"
{ Mr. Dave Johnson, owner of the Ponda Rosa, April 1985. }

"The Bebop Dustbins have entered an area of baffling complexity and made sense of it. They will help us understand the most profound economic changes of our time"
{ Dave Cheesybits, bass player, The Waltons. }

"An engrossing and timely little epic"
{ Alex Dike, Radio Solent. }

"To go out and see The Bebop Dustbins live is to invite glances of suspicion. While a few eccentrics might think this is a good reason to see them several times, for the rest of us it requires a certain leap of faith. This band amply reward such a leap. They are compact and beautifully buttocked"
{ Tracy Mein, The Portsmouth News, June 1985. }

"Musical sneers covered in irony sauce"
{ Guildford Agricultural College Student magazine review of gig. }

"Refreshing and invigorating, full of fascinating sounds"
{ Review in the Isle of Wight County Press, 18th Aug. 1985. }

"The Bebop Dustbins should be as normal a part of an intelligent household's collection as Beethoven, Count Basie and The Beatles"
{ review of Portsmouth Polytechnic gig in Sounds, Jan. 1986. }

"A comfort for troubled minds"
{ Dave O'Neill, slightly legendary Ryde seaside skangster. }

"A rather incongruous and discordant outfit"
{ The Isle of Wight Weekly Post, 25th Feb. 1985. }