Stuff stolen by band:

Sun umbrella from Yelf's Cellar bar
1 roll of insulation tape belonging to The Waltons, 1 guitar lead.

Band van:                   

Dark blue Ford van

Most admired person:       

The Bishop Of Portsmouth.

Biggest failure:           

Trying to wind up the Weekly Post

Biggest unintentional success: 

Winding up The Church of England

Cover versions:

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B

                    by The Andrew Sisters

Is You Is or Is You Ain't my Baby?

by Louis Jordan

Won't Make the Same Mistakes Again

by the Distance

Smallest audience:

3 old men, a dog and a seagull.

Biggest challenge:

Trying to get the slightest reaction out of the 3 old men, the dog and the seagull.

Most cherished moment:

Raising a slight smile from the dog

Biggest anti-climax:

Mopping up the urine after the 3 old men had gone (with a small serviette)

Biggest help :
(on our way to the bottom)

The Waltons

Band we fancied the most:

Quiet Life followed by Cats Like Plain Crisps.

Best idea:

Holding a raffle in the middle of a song, while band provided backing music in the form of a very extended rhythm sequence.

Biggest flop:

Holding a raffle in the middle of...etc.

Harassment to which
audience were subjected:

Birthday cake, satsumas, sweets, out of date bananas and sticks of rock.

Furthest-out-to-sea Gig:

Shanklin Pier.

Favourite Charity for which we did gigs:

Isle of Wight Freedom Fighters.

Best Head-gear:

Pot Noodle hat created especially for Alan by Island designer Roberto Martino.

Coolest dresser:

Rick when he wore very wide-lapelled suit jackets

Most shameful episode:

A certain practise session.
(mumble, mumble).

Biggest injustice:

Being accused of deliberately breaking the generator at 1985 Garlic Festival.

Largest sum earned:

50 earned at Portsmouth Poly.

Best maker of tea:


Island Promoters that
encouraged us the most:

Steve and Petra.

Rudest name called:

The Flip-top Rust-tins.

Biggest con pulled:

Convincing The Heretics that the "Cycling Song" was not about them.

Most nerve-racking moment:

Opening the line-up for a concert held in front of Her Royal Highness the Queen at Northwood House during Cowes Week 1985 and forgetting how to play the national Anthem with which we had been asked to start the show and which we had been practising for weeks.

Biggest trouble with police:

Rick and Steve were taking gear back to Rick's flat in West Cowes after a gig. The police followed them right to the flat and actually followed them inside and touched them up a bit.

Videos of band:

Garlic Festival, Aug. 1985.
Island-Aid, Sandown Pier, Oct. 1985.

Demo tape:


Music video:

Yes. {To go with demo tape.} Filmed on location in Ryde and Steve's house in High Street, Ryde.

Radio appearance:

Radio Solent, 12th June 1985.