Going to the King Kurt Gig.
Rob, Alan (The Be-Bop Dustbins), Kev (Django Ratix), Heidi, Loz, Dave, Gilbo? Cilla Cybin, Jacqui, two EF students and some others (that I don't remember), travel to, sit unimpressed (in an empty car-park), and return from the King Kurt gig at the Isle of Wight College in August 1984.
Actually we can't remember if Jane is really called Jane. Please identify her if you know who she is.
Laura, Possibly Jane and Dave

Abusing local law enforcement officers.
Please identify these people if you recognise them.
Who is this passed out under a dustbin?
Why were they hanging around at the top of Holyrood St for so long?
Dave, Kev Alan and Loz.
Tony prepares to put the shot.
OB Quiet and Hank Torso during Crazy
in the Head

Heidi, Kev, Loz and Dave waiting for
the bus in Ryde
This is her name.
Definitely Jane
Heidi and Cilla Cybin sitting in a car-park
being disappointed
If this isn't her name please indetify her.
Laura and Possibly Jane

Please complain to the local council.
Alan Pissing
A rare picture of the photographer.
Notice the complete lack of audience and huge swathes of flour. We were determined that nobody would have any flour/food left to throw at King Kurt.
What the car-park really looked like
during the Walton's set.
I miss Teagues. Don't you?
Hanging around on street corners scaring
old ladies.
Sean is extremely angry and wants to know who has just thrown a frying pan at him.
DCB, Sean El Keyboardo and Tony Walton.

Alan wonders whether he can make it over
the security fence [Isle of Wight Festival
could learn a thing or two there].
She therefore (technically) also passed out under a Dustbin. Please identify her.
Girl that lived under Rob and Sean (Alan
in background)
We can't remember your surname Dave. Who are you?
Heidi, and Alan try to inform, while
Dave indicates the Waltons' position
in the bill.
Photographer was flattened shortly after this,  so big thanks to her for this photo.
Kev empties his stomach over the flyover.
Please complain to the local council.
Alan Pissing

Heidi operates her fingers, while Kev
operates her head.

The female contingent leave the pub.
Please identify these people if you recognise them.
Don't Know but they are from Portsmouth

Pre-gig Heidi outside Calverts after
a good, hard flouring.

Quay Street before the gig.
Somebody being buried alive shortly
before immolation.
If this isn't her name please identify her.
Heidi and Mandy Rax

Dave, Kev and Heidi in Ryde (pre-gig).
What the f**k is that gas-holder doing there.
Walking down Quay Street before the

The car-park in all its glory