Really Random Stuff
This is a collection of random stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Cheap and Nasty T-Shirt
Glen's Docs
Mrs Jones
The source of all things musical. Rob,always cautious,  hoards toilets for a rainy day.
Martino's Shed
While the rest of the band were
Cheesybits' Consolation Prize
Martino's Uncle
This is a different duck at a different door and definately under different circumstances.
A Duck at the Door
From I heart Audrey and Mista Mushroom and Smokey Bastard and Deprestival
Deprestival and Her Favourite Chicky
Mr Drummy Drum Plays the Drums
The eponymous Bill O'Neil is obviously unsatisfied with Revenge of the Lawn's version of 'Bill O'Neils Sandwich' and is attempting to get the song performed in a folk stylee. Click here to see the comment in situ.
Bill O'Neil is Unsatisfied
Cheesybits in the Garden
During the Bogata All Stars Session
Trying to sing without the nasal quality to his voice
Mr Pieces
As part of a sponsership deal with Strings Guitar Centre, Revenge of the Lawn receive a pile of new equipment. For the full story click here.
Revenge of the Lawn's New Equipment
Tony Cornell and friend outside Zanies in its heydey. Compare with Zanies in its heyday.
Zanies in 1982
Listen to Headfunk here.
Damien and Tom of Headfunk 18th June
For the full story click here.
Poof Positive that Handbag Nigel Owns
a Sandwich
But unfortunately his bowels are very much alive.
Gonk is Dead Above the Neck
Revenge of the Lawn II
In Sainsbury's Egg Department
Subliminal Message Found
Possibly the best gig I ever went to. I'm shocked to see the date.I thought I was still living in Brighton then.
Do You Want to See My Rack
Revenge of the Lawn
Are officially out of order.
Revenge of the Lawn
A postcard from Helen Mc Cookerybook. I don't know when exactly but it must pre-date the Beefheart ticket below.
A Postcard
Dave Cheesybits is rushed into hospital just days before ROTL are due to appear at the IW Festival
Mr Cheese is ill.
Cheesybits Relaxing at Home
Compare with Zanies in its heyday.
Zanies in it's Heyday
 Suitable for industrial or domestic use.
We've all done it - worked or lived somewhere where the filth slowly takes over until you are balancing the
Dave Cheesybits Invents the Spoon Magnet™.
The best Shoot-em-up I've ever played
The Highly Professional HOC Recording
Part of The Lawn Chorus
This deluxe edition comes with this realistic toilet display case
Revenge of the Lawn's First Album
Observe the delicate way I have brutally soldered big f**k-off wires directly into the play heads
The Fabled 4-Track
Dave Cheesybits is the victim of a frenzied knife attack.
Frenzied Knife Attack
The Rocking Horse Trombone Accoustic
Recording Techniques Revealed I
Freaking out to the radical back-beat
The Local Fauna
Then he goes of and moonlights with some band called The Sex Pistols
Glen Ponders Playing the Bass
On which he recorded the entire 1980s (often, in later years, accompanied by a really annoying squeak).
Martino's Ghetto Blaster
Cheesybits After His Facelift
Schming Between Takes
For the related sound file click here
OB Quiet visits The House of Cheese
Frankly I always play like a Kunz
Spotted outside Seasick Steve gig in Southampton. For more on The Bum Banditeers click here.
Mr Drummy Drum Plays the Congas
The Gaffa Tape Beater Finger Technique
Recording Techniques Revealed II
Depresstival thinking about fish yesterday
Mick Smith (Quay Arts), at his last Accoustic Originals, proudly displaying his parting gift from Revenge of the Lawn (a flimsy medallion made out of a yogourt pot and some Tescos carrier bags and inscribed with a biro [it's the thought that counts]).
Mick Smith (Quay Arts)