"Can I come in your trench Cath?"
Tony Robinson (Time Team March 2003)
Also ran:

"Dusk had come to the Plain of Moans, with distances blurred and a dull orange afterglow rimming the sky."
Jack Vance (Araminta Station)

"I'm just taking the dog up the rec.."
Tony Webb (All the time)

"Live fast, die young, leave a big bloated corpse."
Bart Simpson (2008)

"Like somebody waving a big flag on a hill far away"
Some clever bloke on Radio 3 (Said of Jacqueline Du Pre playing Elgar's Cello Cocerto [what do you mean "you've never heard it" - shame on you.])

"Schools by their very nature have large rooms full of students."
Ashley Howlett (Construction Lawyer)

"Childeren are for Christmas, not for life."
Mr Pieces