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Absinthe de la Maison
in a Revenge of the Lawn Stylee
How To Make Absinthe

"Revenge of the Lawn" formula

1 ounce dried chopped wormwood
1 tablespoon of anise seeds
teaspoon of fennel seeds
1 star anise fruit
teaspoon of caraway seeds
1 squeezed lemon
1 litre vodka
1 bag of sugar [optional]


  anise seeds

  fennel seeds

  caraway seeds

  star anise

You would need a still and knowledge of how to blend the ingredients properly to produce real absinthe. Distillation greatly reduces the bitter substances contained in the wormwood and strengthens the content of the absinthe. However, a hardcore moonshiner will omit the this final distillation stage and confine herself to the infusion stage only, as in the recipe that follows. It will give you an idea of what the effects of thujone and alcohol feel like, but the result is not genuine absinthe.

1Harvest the leaves and flowering parts of fresh wormwood when they are in full bloom. Leave these to dry in a dark, dry place.

2Chop the dry herb into small pieces. This will form the raw ingredient of your absinthe.

3In a glass container add the wormwood to the vodka and shake well. Set aside in the dark and steep the liquor for four or five days, shaking occasionally. This will give you a greeny/brown-colored tincture (the green comes from the chlorophyll, and does not indicate the presence of the active ingredient, thujone).

4Then strain out the wormwood, squeezing the mass of herb to remove as much of the liquid as possible . Add all the remaining herbs and spices to the liquid. Steep the resulting liquor for a further week, then strain these out. Filter the liquor to produce a clearer 'absinthe'. Ordinary coffee filter paper works well, but, for that authentic taste, filtering it through a dirty, sweaty cotton shirt is best.
Although the resulting drink is not proper absinthe (since the distillation process is omitted), the liquid will give you a very rough version of absinthe. This undistilled liquor is really only for hardcore drinkers with cast iron stomachs ( more like 12" steel stomachs).

The Revenge of the Lawn brewer felt that, for public consumption, it needed to be 'improved' by mellowing it. Consequently, half a bag of sugar was added to alleviate the bitter after-tastes. The absinthe was still somewhat gut-wrenching so the rest of the bag was added, to produce the 'smooth' product that can be found in all good moonshine liquor stores near you. Look for the Revenge of the Lawn label - the only absinthe available on the Island, indeed even in the whole of the South of England.

Distillation instructions to follow, after the results of the last explosion have been cleared up.

Wormwood is also good for getting rid of moths and insects.

Wormwood can also be used as a pest control garden spray for killing or repelling aphids, fleas, flies etc.