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Yes, Revenge of the Lawn have become the First Island Band to do something once again. They have decided to submit an entry into the Birdman of Bognor Flying Contest, making them the First Island Band to have the courage and bravery to take part in that competition.

The Birdman of Bognor Contest takes place over two days in September. Basically each contestant or team make a flying machine or a means of flying and then hurl themselves off the end of Bognor pier to see how far they can travel. The aviator or team that covers the most distance before plunging into the sea wins.

There a several different classes of event:

  • The Leonardo da Vinci Class: for self-built and designed flying machines.
    This is for serious contenders competing over both days for the 25,000 Jackpot, the International Birdman Trophy and other money prizes, including 25 per whole second for the longest time aloft up to a maximum of 1,000.
  • The Condor Class: for modified hang gliders and similar craft.
  • The Kingfisher Class: for topical or comic entries, usually fancy dress. This Class offers excellent opportunities for sponsored fund-raising and there are prizes for the most money raised.

Revenge of the Lawn are entering a machine in the Leonardo da Vinci Class and shall be depending on Rattle-head's experience of seven weeks as junior assistant designer at Vosper Thornycroft and Self-Seeker's flying experience at Bembridge airport.

For detailed plans

Revenge of the Lawn
Flying Outfit

The aeronauts will be wearing a matching flying tunic and trousers in Revenge of the Lawn olive green with Revenge of the Lawn red lace trimmings; outside leg stripes in Revenge of the Lawn red; and golden epaulettes emblazoned with Revenge of the Lawn crest. Each will be provided with flying goggles and peaked officer's cap in Revenge of the Lawn olive green, finished with gold strappings and Revenge of the Lawn crest. Soft diaper underpants are also regulation flying attire.