• Revenge of the Lawn have written a song called "I've Fallen in Love with a Vending Machine", soon to be released.

  • Revenge of the Lawn are making a video to go with this song.

  • Revenge of the Lawn want to drop a vending machine out of a tall building and film it as it drops and smashes on the pavement and road below.

  • Revenge of the Lawn have been refused permission by the Isle of Wight Council to do this in Newport.

  • The Isle of Wight Council are jealous of Revenge of the Lawn.

Revenge of the Lawn's Application for a License to Drop a Vending Machine off an NCP Car Park Roof in Newport and Video the hapless, falling Appliance

Application to Planning Department : 15 Feb. 2006
Application to Highways Department : 15 Feb. 2006
Rejection from Planning Department : May 2006
Appeal to Department of the Environment and Countryside: Nov. 2006

It took us six months to organise the legal paperwork for an appeal against the Council's decision. We submitted the appeal in November 2006, and received this reply in January 2007.

Appeal transferred to Ministry of Defence: Jan. 2007

Laughingly the Ministry of Defence inform us that they are not prepared to overturn the Council's decision in case this inflames the situation with the Russian Federation and that Revenge of the Lawn should therefore direct further appeals to the Home Office, if we still feel aggrieved.

Appeal sent to Home Office: May 2007. Reply.

Home Office also are not to be brow-beaten into allowing the permit.

Appeal sent to Foreign and Commonwealth Office: August 2007. Reply.

The shocking news of the Isle of Wight's ambiguous political status within the United Kingdom overshadows Revenge of the Lawn's appeal.

Could the Isle of Wight in fact be part of France? And how will the band's appeal to throw a vending machine off the top of a multi-stoey car park be received by a nation that are notorious for their pathological fear and dread of flying electrical appliances?