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Exclusive Pictures of Beverley Knight's bodyguard, Ray.
Revenge of the Lawn have always admired Ray the Bodyguard's work. When we heard he was coming to the Isle of Wight Festival, we sent Prick-Ear to photograph him in action. Only we hadn't expected it to be so difficult getting past dear young Beverley Knight!
An online art gallery exhibiting nearly-famous paintings on the the subject of urination. This is a visual accompaniment to the song, How the Urination Process has affected some of the Greatest Moments in History.
Revenge of the Lawn's entry into the Cheese-rolling Races at Cooper's Hill, Gloucester, in 2007.
The Forgotten Unwise Wise Man: a Christmas Tragedy.
What happens when a town falls out of love with its Big Black Shed?
What happens when joy-riding on washing machines goes wrong?
Nocturnal Emissions on Radio Piccadilly, Manchester, in 1986.
The very excellent talk show of Jim Reeve.
Along with various militant Manchester groups, the Isle of Wight Freedom Fighters try to plan a joint advance on London, coordinated via his show.
The Phlying Phallus of Little Fingring Bottom or Sir Repente Konydome's Phlying Phallus.
The story of the small Essex village that was terrorised by a gigantic flying penis in the 17th century.
Do you remember these Gazelles of the Solent?
The Sealink passenger ferry is now extinct. And you won't notice even one bearded activist getting upset about this loss.
National Trust don't trust Revenge of the Lawn.
Recruiting Officer Set to Solve Band's Fan Problem.
The day Anarchism tried to conquer the Island.
Crass on the IW:
they came, they saw, they sodded off quick!
When is urine worth fighting over.
What became of the third original band member of Revenge of the Lawn?
What is Hell really like?
For the first time in the history of Mankind, Revenge of the Lawn have been given unique and exclusive access to the torments of Hell, in this once-in-a-lifetime exposť of the Nether Infernal Regions.
Our reporter, Baptist, returns with a no-holds-barred investigation.
Are you hardcore enough to sponsor a roundabout?
The traditional Island sport of Chockdog Chucking is still alive and very hard.