Err… To be honest we weren't big on posters. The one that I have got somewhere was for a gig at the Alhambra with The Executives. It was billed as "The Battle of the Giants", don't ask me why. My recollection was that we got as far as the beginning of the third song. By that time some blokes who had been ejected by the Gorilla  that collected the glasses had gone down on the beach and collected handfuls of stones which they were throwing through the windows. The rest of the crowd had taken offence at the Gorilla because he was trying to stop everyone dancing and a big fight was happening. In his defence, I could feel the floor flexing as everybody jumped up and down and  there was a disco down stairs. But anyway one minute we were playing to a packed house and the next there were about 5 people left and we were being thrown out. I think the phrase "never darken my door was mentioned". We left and went and met everyone down at The Norfolk. They were easy to find, we just followed the trail of overturned cars. If anybody would like to add some detail to this incident please feel free or you can take a tour of the only other poster I've got.