Dread "Family Man" Jones
Long serving [and suffering] local rhythm king. King Pin in The Pumphouse Gang, The Waltons, and countless other bands. Has played with everyone. Even God. Taught The Waltons their song craft.
Sweats rhythm.

Pete Baker [aka Hank Torso]
Strange contortionist sea gull impersonator. Made his guitar crow. Remembered for at least one sax duet with Miff Mole and many sublime guitar solos. Never said much, but when he did people listened. After the Waltons he joined the embryonic Delta T.
Wrote Faster Than Light, Crazy in the Head, Rainy Rizla Morning.

Dave Cheesybits
Dave Cheesybits sees himself as a singer/song writer that can't sing, [and can't write songs according to some]. Had a habit of playing in his under-pants.
Has more recently contributed to  Max Brennen albums [Maxwell House, Our Back Yard, Maxwell House II (photos) ] and worked with Paul Butler, Miles Brennan and Tom Vernon. Has lately recorded with Revenge of the Lawn

Owen B. Lee [aka O.B. Quiet.]
Saxophone and general shirking. Days before The Waltons signed their management contract and left for a recording session in Kent Owen announced he was leaving the band to become a kitchen porter.  Now lives on the north island and
complains about his lack of representation on this web site. Wrote The Scrounging Song, Painting and the Photograph.
Owen has recently joined Revenge of the Lawn

Sean El Keyboardo
Long time collaborator with Cheesybits, Sean joined the band shortly after the Annika filming, and stayed till the bitter end. Always owned temperamental keyboards that reacted badly to humidity/temperature/beer etc. Always beat shit out of keyboards that reacted badly to humidity/temperature/beer etc. causing them to react badly to humidity/temperature/beer etc.

Tony B. Walton
Main song writer and front man of the Waltons as well as Loony Tunes, and Fatal Dose. Came from up north, but couldn't help it. Famously stuffed cans of baked beans down his tights at the I.W. Song Festival. Later became a D.J.

Damon Lewis
Ex Loony Tunes drummer. Member of the Waltons during a quite productive phase, including the recording of the Dead Above the Neck album. In fact the song Love and Marriage only ever worked with him drumming for some reason, so he must have bought some thing to the band. Don't let the smile fool you though. Failed to turn up for a gig at Zanies one night, and that was that.

Tony Webb
Ex. Mumbo Jumbo. Had the dubious honour of being the last of the Waltons' 9 or 10 drummers. Joined in July '87 and stayed to the bitter end. 

Jane Rostron (pictured) & Sarah Barker Barker
Backing vocals on the Dead Above the Neck sessions, most notably on "Love and Marriage" [ironic or what?].

Greg Harrower
Took over the bass from Cheesybits in '86 or '87 until the bitter end.

Yet another drummer, and a good one at that. The Waltons were very tight with him behind them. He played with them for a lot of their mainland gigs, most notably Dingwalls and The Angel [Soton] both in August '86.

Other personnel include:
Drummers: Terry Lewis, Johnny Snudden, Richard Gough [Drummer on "Feet on the Street"] and the not in the least bit bitter Gobber.
Guests: Miff Mole [saxophone], and Dave Packer [percussion].

I've probably forgotten someone! If so notify me through the Complaints Dept.