The Waltons often played at Zanies, usually with Cats Like Plain Crisps (because the owners girlfriend liked them) and either The Dustbins or The OFF. The fact that this poster is with The OFF makes me think that this may have been the gig which Damon failed to turn up for.

The acoustics at the winter gardens were awful. You ended up playing along to the echo of something you played a couple of seconds before. After the gig we took all the gear up on to Bleak Down and played a blinding set to the largely unappreciative local leather boys. (Play Paranoid Terry)

The Garlic Festival that we never played at. Everybody else did but when it was our turn the generator packed up. We always suspected sabotage (anybody want to confess?). We were so disappointed that we started playing cricket with horse shit near the function tent. We never played there again.

The Badland Pearls were an all female rock outfit whose drummer (Maggot) played with Tony in Looney Tunes. I can't remember what they were like but at the time I remember it wasn't important. I think they just wanted an excuse for a holiday.

Yes there really is a place called The Ponda Rosa. It used to have a plastic pony and trap on the roof (no that isn't rhyming slang). We played there lots, it was Robs fault. After being renamed The Tirol for a period the old name has returned and the owners would like to trace the plastic roof ornament again. If you have any information please contact blah blah blah...

Another gig at the ranch. Another poster from the hand of Rob Dustbin. Who the hell were Splash of Pop? I don't remember them at all. While we are one the subject….…who were The Blue Flamingos as well.

Some memorable gigs took place at Shanklin Pier before it was destroyed in a storm. So memorable in fact that I can't remember any of them. Except the Anti Apartheid one of course, and the one with the plastic chairs, and Wolfie Witcha, and The Babysitters. Were there any more?

Thats Enough Posters! Top! Give Me More Big Boy!