Left: A cutting from a North Island paper (possibly the Portsmouth Evening News)  using one of Steve Kellets pictures. As usual click on pictures and text to enlarge.

Left: Yes this truly did come from a proper paper (don't ask me which one--somewhere on the North Island) it doesn't make much sense but then that's journalists for you.

Right: I don't remember why, but this definitely came from Rob Dustbin

Left: A set of handouts for a gig at Zanies with The OFF and Cats Like Plain Crisps

Left: A bizarre article from Wight Venues 17.5.85.
Below Left: A flyer from Dingwalls 11.8.86. Click on the hot spot in the middle to see the line-up for the night. Originally the Waltons were meant to be going on first but Oh So Sharp (who coincidently oh so weren't) took so long setting up there equipment (which seemed to consist of a twelve foot high stack of keyboards) that the manager got seriously pissed off with them and made them go on first. He then turned to us and said apologetically can you make your sound check quick, so with a view to making a good impression (I thought we would be coming back) I strolled up on stage ran my fingers over Tony's guitar strings and said "That's fine" and we went to the pub. Sound checks were a luxury that we often didn't get anyway and frankly sitting watching Oh So Sharp being Oh Such Wankers had Oh So Pissed me off that I Oh So Wanted To **** on their *******************. Still they probably got the last laugh by becoming rich and famous gay icons. We played a really good set to a very responsive crowd (a lot of whom we brought from the Island) and I think we were asked back. The Group were good though I noticed that they left an awfully long gap between our set and theirs. Timothy London came on so late that I was plastered by then. Coincidently on the same flyer is a reference to a band called The Hot Gates which I was in with Riddler before the Waltons, it was definitely the most up-it's-own-arse band I was ever in and not something I really want to talk about.

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