Site Stats Oct 99--Sept 2005

44 people have left 86 messages at this site since Oct 99

That's an average of 1 message every 25 days 8 Hours 16 minutes and 15.00 seconds.

But as you can see from this chart the distribution is in no way even. The fallow years coincide with my time at university when I couldn't be arsed to do anything with the site.


Interestingly only 20 percent of contributors are definitely female. This figure may rise when we have established beyond a reasonable doubt the gender of Handbag Nigel (M = 79.3%, F=20.7% [1dp]).

The Band best represented is The Waltons with 4 members writing in (I'm presuming that "Pete" is Pete Baker {which didn't dawn on me at the time} and including Gobber because he obviously feels left out).

Followed by

The Be-Bop Dustbins 1 + Man Servant

Django Ratix 2 (if you count Rob twice)

Cats Like Plain Crisps 1

The OFF   1 (can Owen count twice)

The Mechanix  1

Hefner   1

Though if we were to measure the bands contribution in Bytes the Be-Bop Dustbins would win hands down with a colossal 52Kbytes of tat dedicated to them.

Also you have to take into account the fact that the Waltons had a total of 15+ members whereas the Be-Bop Dustbins had about 5.

The award for the most posts to this site seems to go to OB Quiet (9) but I happen to know that OB was responsible for the message attributed to "No Name Given" and that he sent in one other message that I lost, so he gets the award for the total of 11 posts. You must be very proud Owen!

The average message-posting interval for 2000 is bizarrely 1 message every 122 days but this seems less strange when you consider that 2000 was a leap year and I only got three messages during it.

So far 2005 has proved to be on a par with 2004 with a MPI (Mean Posting Interval) of 11 days 9 hours and 47 seconds. Who knows what crazy figure that will be reduced to by the end of the year? Perhaps better than 1 message per week? I can but dream!

Interestingly Jane Rostron is most concerned with plagiarism as is OB Quiet, Paul Wayman and Rob Martin.

Tony Cornell, Paul Fuller, Lynne Chinnary, Maggs, Mr T walton and Dave Richings all want to confess a dark secret but aren't prepared to do it within the confines of this Web Site.

OB Quiet is really enjoying himself.

Nobody has admitted to being a transvestite though I have my suspicions about Handbag Nigel. Nobody knows where the plastic cowboy is or seems worried about copyright infringement {which surprises me}.

Tony Walton is concerned with lack of accreditation (he really did play the guitar solo on "Who's That" and a fine one it was to), but I suspect he should really be concentrating on his other personality (who has a problem with his eyes) posting messages without his knowledge.

By far the most popular subject of conversation is "other" which I think just about sums up the excitement of the posters at this site.

When I first prepared this stat report [in Jan 2005] nobody, and I mean nobody, wanted to lick Katy Pearson! But at the last minute Holmes and Bob came to her aid. God Bless you Katy. Anybody interested in acquiring an "I licked Katy Pearson" badge please click here.