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James H. Reeve on Radio Piccadilly 1986

Jim Reeve was a long-suffering, abrasive show host on Manchester's Radio Piccadilly, who didn't suffer fools gladly on his radio show "Nocturnal Emissions", Monday to Thursday, 10.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.

Here for your amusement are a few audio clips recorded in March 1986:

Irate Albert 1.44 MB
Irate Albert phoning in to dribble on about something and then forgetting what.

The Isle of Wight Freedom Fighters 4.31 MB
The Isle of Wight Freedom Fighters's abortive attempt to join up with the various Manchester revolutionary groups in a pincer movement on London.

Get Lost, Psychiatrist! 4.95 MB
This starts with a Top Ten chart of Time-Wasters, with the caller, Mike Dean, as No. 1. The "mental relaxation classes" have not worked, so this caller wants to say "Get lost" to his psychiatrist.

His voice sounded very much like John Peel, but he was far more political and cynical, and was very tongue-in-cheek in his outspoken, often controversial comments [he was usually always right]. He was also more animated, but, unlike Peel, the music was secondary. His show mainly consisted of phone-ins and letters, interrupted every now and then by a song. He was quite willing to switch people off, if he felt they were talking bollocks and they'd had their say - as I said, he could be very long-suffering with callers with plenty of sighs and mutterings.

There were both regular callers and correspondents, who would contact the show with all sorts of comments, grievances, requests, petty squabbles etc. Each show would usually have a number of topics up for comment: a heavy political/current affairs type issue; often a local topic; and then usually a frivolous one.

Regular characters included: Irate Albert (a real pissed star, if ever there was one), Michael Dean, and various small left-wing or separatist groups, of which the Isle of Wight Freedom Fighters were one of many, although unusual in not coming from the Greater Manchester area.

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